Japonawa goods!

the japan cultural fest in TJ, mexico approaches!

Thats right, folks

Im talking about JAPONAWApanda

for those of you who STILL dont know what that is

check out www.japonawa.com
for more infos

Ive been busy all month making cute deco and acessories for the event!

Heres some more pictures of some of my works...

キラキラKira Kiraキラキラ王冠2 Princess Bracelet リボン

Cake+゜Blue Cupcake NecklaceCake+゜

the cupcake itself has glitter!キラキラ

and has yummy looking cookie charm

ケーキSweets Country Mini Hats帽子

リボンDecorated with bows, strawberries, cookies and whips!くっきー

チョコチップクッキー They look yummy enough to eat! ハート型クッキー

cute straw hats will make any country outfit look sweeter

I still have a few more details to work out

like omg i dont have any cute flyers or ads or nothing

it makes me a sad panda that my printer isnt working

(and that i have no design software) 号泣

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