New Creations and Puri!

como siempre, ando ocupada haciendo cositas deco!

流れ星3Vendere en Japonawa 2010!panda

asi que visiten mi booth!

estare a un lado de Kiryu!

candy*Pictures of my latest creations!candy*

AP inspired necklaces ( cuz theyre not cool enough to be called replicas キャハハ )

chubby bunnies!うさぎ

cheeky bearプレゼント

probably i will make these in different colors

Pretty soon i will have a little corner of the internet

open so i can share my wonderful creations with you all!ラブラブ

And for your entertainment

heres some purikuras i took with Justin on my trip to Singaporemerlion

who doesnt love ponies?ポニー

dont you just love the way i decorate these?

this ones my favorite cuz it looks like a street snap from Kera XD

I like the fast food one with the projectile vomit XD

thats all for now, folks!

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