Japonawa 2010 part 1

うんちJAPONAWA 2010panda

hmmm it was full of fail...for me, anyway ううっ...

check out this emo vid we took

I guess everyone was broke this year

either that or my stuff just isnt good enough

im a super sad panda i didnt make anything

cuz i was going to use that money for the Cosplay Oneesan

event this weekend but its looking like i wont be able to go....

Im selling some sweets on ebay (for starters)

for those who wish to buy


i'll post fun stuff later after i get out of my emo depression号泣

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  1. Oh Rosie my deaaar xD i'm so sorry about your bad day! i hope you can sell all your cute sweets *o* jajaja it's the first time a listen to you talking in spanish! *w* hum oh yep i will send you the letter with DHL xD because is too fast i hope will arrive :s greetings!


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