Donuts Deco!

Hello, cupcakes!petit cake*
I worked on some sweets deco recently!
these donuts will be used to make acessories
for my Little Bear's Cafe くまさん outfit
which i will wear to PMX! panda
Thats the next con in Pasadena, Ca
it will have Innocent world, Baby the Stars shine bright BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT★ロゴ
うさくみゃ and Alice and the Pirates as the guests of honor.
I want to look my best for the Starlight Festival!流れ星3

These were made using airdry clay!
I used a crayola brand clay!
I like it a lot better than the japanese stuff, actually キャッ☆

I used half of the donuts to make a keychain for my purse!
it came out super sweet-lookingラブラブ

I also made this adorable squirell hair clip!テヘッ
The pink tail is a hair extension!

I also deco-ed a phone case for a friend.ラブラブ
It looks good enough to eat!
Tho i still dont know how to deco the front

Tomorrow I'll finish the donut hairpiece Im working on.
Its going to be the focal point of the outfit!あは

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