Mi closet y Rainbow Warriors!

hola chicas! tengo un problema!がーん

ya no caben mas cosas en mi closet

hasta tengo que poner mis headbows en la pared D:

y aun asi no tengo donde poner mas cosas!

my purses are so so tightly lined up that poor milky didnt even fit in the picture にこ

no but srsly, folks- im running out of room

i might even have to take down the stuff on the dark side of the closet ダースベーダー

to make more room for the headbows!

aqui es donde guardo mis cositas darks, si....me visto de negro cuando no estoy en lolita ドクロ

mis pobres vestidos ya no caben! pronto tendre que desocupar el lado oscuro キャハハ

para poder colgar mas vestidos

In other news

I got the preview to the new 虹Rainbow Warriors!虹

This comic is SOOO funny!

its about a guy that turns into a hot girl sometimes

its full of hilarious rainbow fun

the artist was nice enough to mail me the copy and he included a nice note and

えんぴつthis drawingof me! yey! its me in cartoon form D:

Thanks, Manuel! this totally made my day!

heres a bit from the comic that totally made me laugh my ass off

i particularly liked the bit where he showers his friend with vomit


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  1. Pues sí que te estás quedando sin cuarto! No has pensado en vender lo que ya no necesites? Tienes de todo, me das envidia jajajaja ojalá yo pudiera permitirme todos esos trajes y accesorios! ^^


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