Eye Make

Todays post will be in english!え゛!

A lot of you seem to have forgotten that Im american cuz i always post in spanish.

I actually started this blog specifically to improve my spanish skills.

Its become my favorite blog ( i have an english and japanese one) so i mostly post here.

Lately im into Gal ニコ style. Ive slowly transitioned here from Lolita音譜

Ive been practicing my eye makeup a lot!

I think i finally got it down.

Heres some pics, cuz cam whoring is what Rosie's do best キャッ☆

the upper and lower lashes I use are the DAISO store brand ones

they are super inexpensive so i buy tons and layer them sometimes

Im actually only wearing one layer here, tho. 目

These are super well shaped lashes! they are longer in the outter corners

i set the lower lashes right along my natural lash line until i get to the outter corner,

then i put them about two cm below.

ゴルゴ? OMG EPIC FACE! え゛!

this is me when i see hawt korean boys teehee

lolololol kitteh paw!マリーちゃん

i use white eyeliner on the lower corner of the eyelid 音譜

and i use a nude color on my natural lashes to hide them

and just another epic face to keep you entertained にひひ

in other news, heres some purikura i took when i went to san fran.

The mofo in the pics is my neighbor.

my personal favorite is the dadoken donut キャハハ

proof that ive been playing too much MVC3

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  1. Hey there Rosie. I'm a new follower of yours - I found you via youtube- and I love reading your journal/watching your videos! You totally rock those eyelashes, and suit Gal style as well as lolita! Are you still gonna wear loli? You have so many amazing dresses! D= <3


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