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I have updated the look of my blog!
Im calling it pink attack version 2.0

Hola pastelitos! Actualize mi blog!
ya cuplio su tercer aniversario asi que
modifique el look!

I super love pixels!
Which is why i made my layout all pixels!
Its pretty old school and people these
days seldom use it but I wanna bring it back!

In honor of my love for pixels
Todays post will feature some cute
graphics and pixels.

Dear Diary,
Next week it will be 2 months since I started dating Yoshi

It feels like its been longer though.
I guess its because we knew each other since late February.

At first I wasn't sure if I could handle being in a relationship again.
Especially with someone who was so affectionate like Yoshi.
I've always been the type of girl who is too shy to hold her boyfriends hand in public.
And I honestly never liked seeing people be affectionate in public places.

My attitude changed so quickly because of him. I was really surprised at myself.
Letting someone get this close to me was really scary for me
but slowly slowly I was able to lower my guard and let myself be happy

I'm so incredibly happy now! Despite the constant, pardon my french, SHIT
that occurs regularly in my life- I'm hardly affected by it now because in the back
of my mind I know that Im being loved and supported 100% by my Yoshi

I feel like dont have to worry about anything because he'll always have my back
Its a really nice feeling to know that I can rely on someone for moral and emotional support
who wont expect or ask for anything in return except for my love.

For the first time in my life I honestly feel appreciated and loved.
Ive gotten so used to everyone telling me I was a failure, or that I wasn't good enough.
It made me close myself up and avoid people almost 100%

but if you look at me know you can hardly tell I was ever that type of person

Yoshi, youre such a fun, happy and open-minded person- and yet you are so mature
and have firm goals for yourself that you are working hard at.
I'm so very proud of you and even more proud to be your girlfriend

I want you to know that I will always be there for you too.
I will never be too busy for you, I will always make time for you.
I will always be supportive of you and encourage you to do your best.
I will always be honest and loyal to you as long as you are the same with me.

Together we are a pretty amazing team, and I hope we will go on to do amazing things.

I don't know what the future will hold for us but for now I'm happy
with experiencing all kinds of new things with you,
feeling things I have never felt before.

I want to make you happy for as long as you'll stay by my side.
I promise I will do everything I can for us to be together for ever and ever
...if you let me :)

I love you Yoshi! With all the power of my tiny heart, I can honestly say that I love you.
Love is not blind. Love is the ability to see past the superficial, the negativity that surrounds a person. I see past all those things and look straight into your eyes...and you know what I see?
You and me together.

p.s. I really like when you call me your princess because you are my prince,
and you make me feel like im living in a fairytale.

That's my story.
Im looking foward to writing the next chapters of it together with Yoshi

Bye bye, until the next entry!ラブラブ

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