Cute Groceries

petit cake*Hola pastelitos!ポニーあは

Respondiendo a sus comentarios:

coppelia: intentare lo de lady lvoely locks para halloween
pero no encuentro un vestido que me guste!

Lineth: muchas gracias! Tratare de hacer varios disfrazes
pero seguramente seran chafas tambien lol

Mia: me gusto mucho tu comentario super lindo!
tratare de dar buenos consejos para no quedar mal contigo!
muchisimas gracias por tu apoyo! <3

Atomic nony y Derniere: muchas gracias!
Sii las unas hime son tan cute!!
seguramente comprare mas O_O

Princess LovelyLocks- I didnt cut my hair!
I pinned it up to make it look short, tho! :P

Yesterday my boyfriend came home and said he wanted to go shopping なう
I was neither dressed to be going out, nor in the mood to
BUT I WENT ANYWAY cuz Yoshiヨッシー cant do a thing without me
awww so cute

After finding him a decent backpack for school we went off to the grocery
as there was nothing to eat at home!
I bought mostly bread うちゅー b

I also bought these cute colorful candies and memopad thinger
for my penpals weee! ラブレター

shokoponThe candy is sooo colorful. I love pastels!candy*

heads up, bro its HALLOWEEN POCKEH

its the exact same pocky youve come to know and love
but with halloween packaging!
Thats what I call good marketing!ハロウィン

I also picked up my monthly subscription of egg and Ageha

There was nothing particularly interesting in either one.
I was especially sad that Himena was not in Ageha, prolly cuz shes preggers n busy
with her label Princess Melodyリボン

Ageha came with a free gift tho! Lashes! Simple ones but cute!目

I also went ahead and bought the bleach Palty cuz my roots is NASTY
aaand a replacement kumaくまさん chain cuz the one i got is really roughed up

Its finally feeling like fall もみじ。here in California.
I was able to wear my fav pink knit sweaterセーター
It has heart pattern on it! ラブラブyou cant really see it tho

Im also happy to say that Ive dropped 3 lbs
since starting my diet two weeks ago. ダンス
Im doing aerobics regularly- about 40 mins a day腹筋
Its a good start! My goal is to drop 15 lbs by.... .whenever xD

thats all folks!
BYE肉球 モカちゃんballoon*

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  1. awwrrr! super fan de tu blog y de lo adorable que eres Rosie! *_* quisiera ser tan cute como tuuuu! <3


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