LizLisaXMyMelody n Gifs downloads!

Xmas cake*Cake+゜Hola pastelitos! ケーキpetit cake*
La semana pasada llego (por fin) mi catalogo de LizLisaxMyMelodymy melody*
hay MUCHISIMAS cosas lindas!!
Theres lots of cute stuff in this catalogue. I wish Id recieved it sooner tho
cuz everything I want is already sold out lol /fail
si gustan ver el catalogo, descargenlo aqui!
To read the catalogue you can download it here
マイメロディ天使の羽LizLisaxMyMelody 天使の羽まいめろろん♪

El catalogo viene con bolsa tote!
Heres the tote bag that was included. SOO CUTEかばん

I recently bought some stuff from yumetenbo.
I've been afraid to wear shorts for a long time but i finally
found a cut which works for my body type yey! ショートパンツラブラブ
Las telas de los chores son bieeen lindos! Pensaba que serian medias chafas pero nop!
Ya me estoy animando a ponerme chores. Tengo las caderas enooormes pero al fin
encontre un estilo que me queda bien! あは

These were my favorite GET from my mini haul.
Gorgeous heart heels and bows- a himes best friend.
I really wish they came in a larger size than LL (24.5 cm) うきゃ
thats like, the EXACT measurement of my foot so its a bit odd
Zapatillas con tacon de corazon!! サンダル
Se vera cute con las cositas de バラHimeGyaruバラ que compre!

Heres some adorable over the knee socks with detachable sparkly bow.
I prolly coulda made something like this myself but the laziness...she is strong
Medias simples con broche muy lindo y brilloso! Deberian venderlos en color rosa!
From Sanrios Rakuten site I bought this awesomely awesome
lala*Little Twin Starskiki* Digital camera! *audience cheers*
Its been almost 4 years since I bought a new cam! I was way overdue
I have the same brand camera but of Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary
so i was able to use its battery and cables.
Which is good cuz customs didnt allow the accessories to be shipped hereショック!
mi nueva camarita! Es media simple, le hace falta DECO!!!

I have this THING where i HAVE to go to every Sanrio store I find out about
so i went to one in the next city and found lots of Melody goods!マイメロディ
Did i need em? Nope. Do I regret buying them? HELLLS NAAAW, SON黒人
Cositas que compre en Sanrio! Cada tiende tiene cositas diferentes. Por eso
tengo de mission ir a TODAS las tiendas en mi estado!よし

I also bough a prisila half wig and rope wig. ・。*姫*。・
I have yet to mess with them but they match my hair tone pretty well
pelucas de prisila! Son de muy buena calidad! Se ve muy natural!

Les quiero recordad que ya hay una nueva seccion arriba
llamada DOWNLOADS donde pueden descargar cositas
Agrege unos gifs para que puedan usarlos en sus blogs!

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  1. I LOOOOOOOVE your taste when shopping. You always get stuff I'd get for myself O____o


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