Presents and Weight Loss

Hey there cupcakes
my name is wiki wiki DJ R アルファベットO アルファベットS アルファベットI アルファベットE アルファベットribbon+. O アルファベットS アルファベット

Im making this entry in English for my home girl Emi!女の子
She sent me some pinkly wrapped things! Thats right I said PINKLY 

I'm the kind of person who likes to save cute bags and even tags
especially when they're pink and plaid (
you see what i did there?)

Christmas in July for Rosie! I had the biggest smile on my face when I was opening up the bag of
pink goodies. Everything is so cute and girly and and and asdhsjdhajs!!
(that means awesome)

Can you believe all this stuff came from Daiso? I wish we had a daiso down here!
The heart shaped hook is brilliant. I got too many purses lying around! 
I'll put my pinkest and most obnoxious purse on that hook- make it all sassy n what not. 
aww yeah ハエ

Here's the dress I bought from Emi. Its from the Anime Expoプレゼントcollection.
It was the first item to sell out- it was super popular. I wanted it in every style and color 

I wonder if they will have this collection in Japan 日本- if so Imma jump on that pony so hard

Check out this cuteness:
I actually have the same stationary! Emi's got some crazy good drawing skills! えんぴつ
Im gonna stick this on my wall  
I love hand written sentiments- thats one of my favorite things to collect

I like how she drew in the bunny's face haha. 
The purikura is so cute, Emi! I hope you and your Bf can double date with me and my ヨッシーYoshi someday! Or we could cook a big meal together. That sounds nice肉球 モカちゃん

The cut of the dress I got from Emi is the same as the ice cream print one.
If you haven't noticed, this one is a perfume print. Iconic
MA*RS its a must-have! ひげかお1

Im hoping to get my hands on the pink versions of those two dresses as well!
Im still on lolita mode when it comes to prints- I gotta have em all!! 

In other news- I havent reported on my weight loss routine in a while.
So here's my progress from start to (
cuz im not quite finished!)

I made sure to do a simple routine at a steady pace. I want that weight loss to be permanent!
My biggest goal was to reduce my big ol latina booteh 
お尻cuz it made buying clothes so hard!!
パンツPants always fit me too tight in the butt and loose everywhere else- it sucked! 
And i couldnt wear dresses that were form fitting because of the same problem 
My dimensions were so off- but i dont have that problem now and Im so happy my butt got reduced by so much!!!No  more bubble butt! 
 I can finally go to the beach and sport cute swim wear awww yeah! 水着

Well that's all for now, homies. 
See you later space cowgirls


  1. So cute +_+ and im loving the dress <3 I'm also drinking lots of that h20 and doing exercise so im waiting for results! Although i have to be patient TT^TT

  2. yeah patience is the key! I took my sweet time lowering my weight but thats a lot healthier than losing a ton of weight real fast- you're guaranteed to gain it back.

  3. AWWWWWWWW!!! */////////* Omg I am dying here Rosie!! I am so happy you like what I bought you!! I hope you love them all and Your so sweet and yes! We so should go on a double date!! That would be so much fun! Thank you so much!!! It made my day!

    love emi!!!

  4. omg Rosie ! I knew it~ I KNEW IT! >3< everytime I saw your photos you was skinnier and skinnier *-* you look so gorgeous !
    always pretty, cute and FABULOUS ;3

  5. Hey Rosie Chan. I love your Blog. I can always say it again and again!!! I think your Body looks absolute awesome also or especially in swim wear!! Its a really awersome result! I wish I vould do it too. But I´m so lazy in sport >...<!!!
    Love you !!
    Well I love you my idol <3<3<3<3

  6. @karen wong-
    yeah I have been working hard, girl!
    I want to have a sexy bikini body haha :P

    @Sui- Thanks so much, girl! I try to keep my blog cute and sparkly ;D
    You know, I lost weight pretty slowly. It was not super hard. I was so lazy too but I just did it at a good pace and it turned out great!

  7. Wow! I was shocked to see you wrote in english, but im so happy you did! I have been following your blog for months but can only look at photos, it was nice to read an entry! haha.
    Good job with your weightloss and the items are so cute!

  8. I always thought you looked awesome! But you have to be happy with yourself first and foremost and you look amazing! <3 I will have to do this so I can get in shape ^o^

  9. This is a great post. I know so many gaijin gyaru struggle to be as stick thin as the Japanese gyaru. You look awesome! Keep it up


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