Gyaru Closet Clearance Sale!!

Hello cupcakes!
  R アルファベットO アルファベットS アルファベットI アルファベットE アルファベット here

I'm doing a major closet cleaning to end good ol 2013
so Im doing a clearance sale on my facebook page!!

I've reduced most things by $15-20 usd, some things Ive reduced by even more!!
sale Here's what I got! sale

パンプスガラスの靴Also, I have all these shoes if anyone is interested! 靴靴
The shipping for these shoes will be pretty high cuz International shipping
from the U.S. has doubled this year, its an unfortunate fact じゅる・・

These are all バラDREAM Vバラ shoes size LL
Then theres one pair of for youMA*RS shoes (NWT) size L

カメラ side shot so you can see the cool heel details 靴

Im charging international shipping at $16 no matter the country with no limit!
That means you can get 20 items and the shipping will still be $16
of course this excludes shoes cuz those are reaaaally heavy and have their own shipping price.

Theres some items that I haven't posted on my sales album yet.キティー
sei Basically Im selling ALL my gyaru closet.ええ!!
映画You can see everything I have by watching this video YouTube

If you see something you like that's not in the sales album,
its either been sold or not posted yet. 
DoubtFeel free to contact me about any specific item!(Θ_Θ)

Check out my facebookFacebook Page for all the details about my sales!!
ポイント。And please send me a MESSAGE if you want to purchase
Facebook pages dont work like normal accounts-
they dont give me notifications of individual comments!!


BYEYE肉球 モカちゃんballoon*

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  1. Hii :)
    Do you still have some items for sale?


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