COMCOM concert

el domingo fuimos de nuevo a COMCOM

a ver a el mejor grupo COVER de Tijuana


Me arregle bien AP hime con mi バラRose Toiletteローズ pinku.

I was all dolled up but i was feeling all emo anyway

カメラPictures of my friends band called Miraaji音譜

they are a jrock/anime/videogame cover band from Tijuana, Mexico

Despues de felicitarla y tomar fotos

me quede ahi sentada y vi a los demas tocar sus canciones anime/videojuegos

y me enfadaron bien pronto XD

mejor me fui a comprar unos cupcakes!Cake+゜

estaban bien cute con sus disnos geek

cute but they were very dry and i was a sad panda むっ

(my cupcakes are 10 times betterにこ )

y como no me gustaron, se las regale a estas chicas
nah no es ciertoキャッ☆

las compre con intencion de compartirlasドキドキ

yeeeey yo me quede con el cupcake hello kitty kitty*

Despues empezaron a tocar el grupo "khano" o no se si todavia se llaman asi oO??

They were explaining to me that it was their first performance or something since they

started their group or something. I dunno- i didnt understand what the situation was with their

band name or whatevs.

Saul- el vocalista- tiene la voz super WOW音譜
nos pusimos a bailar bien sexy con el teehee

Omg i looked like an idiot when i got up on stage with them キャハハ

pero nos divertimos mucho y ellos me prometieron una copia de su primer Demo

( cuz im their first official fan yeeeey! )

Yup it was a fun day. Lots of good music. Met some cool bands.

For more pictures check out the GALLERY section

Also I have vids from COMCOM up in the VIDEOS section under Misc


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una super fan de David le regalo este cuadro

this piece was given to the guitarrist of Miraaji by a fan

its was done from a picture of their first performance
omg it was so beautifully made!
Me la queria robar XD
~to be continued


  1. OMG!!!
    La foto de Danny cantando y la pintura de David estan a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!! o_o <3

    Haha salgo de colada en la mayoría de tus fotos :D
    y si, son Khano, no son lo mejor?! yo tmb soy su faaan *_* a veces cuando voy a casa de mi novio estan practicando y te dejan boqui-abierta! yeeey!

  2. omg how awesome! i was suprised when i learned one of the band members was your bf's brother!
    what a small world, indeed.

    me los saludas


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