its been a while since I've posted!

I havent done anything interesting lately がーん

Hey have you all heard about the Cosplay Oneesan event

featuring 流れ星3Angelic Prettyポニー and other Japanese brands?
check out their site for more details

I am SOO gooing!!!

Hells yea! Its quite the drive for me

so hopefully i can find some girlies to go with!

someone take me with youuu!

If not i will have to go solo

and I will be emo-licious

In other news:


the best anime con in TJ

is next month on the 22nd!

カラオケKiryu will be the guest of honor!

you might remember him from PMX

Thats where I snatched him from XD

you can check out his facebook here

Kiryu estara en Japonawa 2010!
Vengan a verlo!

now that im done w the promotional shits

カメラheres some purikura i took in Singapore!ラブラブ

Man, those were some good times.

We managed to shove THIS many girls into one booth.

talk about epic LOLITA POWER!あっかんべー

I wish my scanner worked キャハハ

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