New AP print, my interview!

hey there, girlies!ウィンク

today you can enjoy reading in english

Have you seen the latest angelic pretty print?

ポインセチアHoly Night Storyベル

Im super captivated by it!

I see rocking horses!もくば

I love both the OP and JSK versions

I dont know which i like best!

The other day i was interviewed by an awesome lolita

from Argentina!

Heres a link to the interview.

Take a look if youd like to learn

a little more about my lolita beginnings

In other news!

tomorrow Im going to ミッキーDisneyland!キャッスル

I still dont know if i should wear lolita

or normal ppl clothes haha!

thats all for today, folks!
New Vlog coming soon!
For reals this time! 投げKISS

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