Bye Bye Lolita (FOR GOOD)

カップケーキHello, Cupcakes!カップケーキ
Todays post is in english cuz Im lazy awesome.

I really love gyaru style!
I love gyaru like a fat kid loves chocolate cake.
I like a variety of its styles but my passion is for hime kaji as its so practical.
Since I quit lolita people have still been calling me a lolita....
honestly, ive always hated titles and never called myself a lolita
and even now that i like gyaru style i wouldnt go around calling myself a GAL
cuz i think labels are for hipsters (lolz)

Anyway, It did bother me a lot that ppl called me Lolita even
though I quit having anything to do with it since like over a year ago, pretty much....
I actually stopped buying anything since 2010 after my bf at the time disappeared into thin air.
I pretty much lost motivation/interest after that.

Anyway recently ppl keep asking me about the latest AP items, cons, events-
anything relating to Lolita and I always have to apologize and say i dont know,
that im not into that anymore and everyone is like...HUH??
I guess its my own fault for keeping all the pictures on my blog and facebook.
That being said, I went ahead and deleted them ALL!!

I also want to change the look of my room, which is still on "lolita mode"
to something more .... non loli? i dunno lol
So Im doing a closet cleaning of all the lolita items i have left.
Cuz yeah, i STILL have some stuff left!

heres SOME of the stuff im trying to get rid of.
Im selling these items a few at a time on ebay if yall wanna check that out.

check out my entire listings for this week here

Ebay Listings
and thats all for now folks.
No scans for egg or ageha this month as the bookstore
ran out before I could get a copy
BYE肉球 モカちゃん

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