♥ Yoshi ♥

Hello cupcakes.

This is Yoshi. ヨッシー He's my boyfriend.

obviously I forced him to pose with these items
Its just too easy!

I met him in February around my birthday
and we were pretty much inseperable since thenラブラブ

It was totally a coincidence that we both ended up winking in this pic

He and I were always on the same wavelength.
I think thats why we hit it off so quickly?

Hah its funny how back then was the was blonde and I was the brunette

Yoshi's a really fun and happy person.
Usually those kind of overly happy ppl annoy me but
his cuteness was just the right degree for me lol音譜

Even though he was always happy and smiling
I got to know him more seriously and realized
That he was a very well balanced person
with set goals that he was working hard at accomplishing頑張る

It also seemed that he was a very good, reliable friend.友達
Everyone was always coming to him for advice when
they were in need.

I really admired him for being able to balance a heavy
school life with all the drama from his friends and
still being able to smile all the time and party on weekends にひひ

Oh! Did I mention he can cook and cook WELL? 愛情ちゃんこ
I dunno about you guys buy my acountry is full of ppl who cant cook
So this is a total plus cuz I love to cook and love to eat! ごはん3

This was I think the first meal he cooked for me. I felt so super special. メロメロ

Yoshi was very smart and he quickly learned that the fastest way to my heart
was through my stomach! もぐもぐ。スプーンフォーク

Cooking became one of our favorite things to do together.エプロン
We tried out a lot of new recipes or just came up with our own
Heres a meal he made for me a few months later.
I helped, of course............by eating it! teehee
I was already a pretty decent cook but i think I leveled up from
cooking with Yoshi so often ドキドキ

Yoshi once told me jokingly that he would fatten me up so no one wanted me anymore
and I would be his forever. Lol.........and then i gained 10 lbs 叫び
Dont worry though, kids- Im working out regularly now セーフ

Like most relationships we've had our ups and downs.アップダウン
But I think so far we've had more ups, really.
Yoshi is very mature and open minded チョキ

Im pretty laid back and open-minded, tooラブラブ
So when we quarrell it doesnt last very long.
Im confident we can work out anything if it ever happens.カワユス

What I love most about Yoshi is that he loves meらぶらぶ
Ive never had such a supportive boyfriend.
わーいHe's always cheering me on. 汗
I feel like i can conquer the world with him by my sideガッツポーズブーシュカ(リボン)

Yup he's pretty much the best anyone could ask for.
We just completed three months in our relationship
but it feels like its been so much longer.時計*
Ive experienced so much with him
and Im looking forward to all the wonderful things left to come
I know he and I will be together for a long long time ドキドキ


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  1. So lucky!~ Im so jelly right now XD I wish i had a boyfriend D: Good luck to you and your boyfriend~ I have a feeling that you guys will stay with each other for a very long time~ •‿•


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