Compras cabello rosa!

ラブラブhola pastelitos!
Sigo solita en mi apartamento y bastante aburrida
asi que decidi ir de compras como vivo hyper cerca de una plaza!
Compre mil cosas キャハハ

Xmas cake* Hello Cupcakes! petit cake*
Here's todays sinful buys :P

I love this sweater! I think i squealed with excitement when i saw it.
Obviously I love Yoshi the dinosaur cuz my boyfriends name is Yoshi too 好
Everyone cracks jokes about it but it doesnt bother him at all, he embraces it

Some skinn-ass jeans しんちゃん
I always buy them one size up cuz they shrink really bad in the wash!

They have a heart pattern on them! I love these kinds of detailsラブラブ

A creamy flowy top which is super lovely with just about anything

and Off-white fitted mini dress
with beautiful knitted lace音譜

This skull dress is love! Ive had my eye on it for a long time
but my boyfriend always made faces at it lol! him>カチンteehee<me

this is from Hot Topic. Havent bought anything from there in a while!

Some essentials

Pink suede (faux of course) pumpsサンダル
Finally I find some low heels! I cant wear high heels
cuz I'll be on giraffe modeきりん

Some super adorable boots! Omg this color is perfect for fall!
I love fall fashion the best cuz theres SO many options D:

I bought all of these items at FOREVER21 which is where I buy
all my clothes, really- since its so cheap and cute!

I recently decided to take out my old hair extension and
change it to my current hair color so i can get some use out of it!

But i also wanna do a dip dye effect with pink
so i bought a semi permanent dye and bleach

Heres the process!
The original color of the extension is caca brown (you heard me)

Ive never bleached anything before
the instructions said to do it this way
I had fun. Felt like i was a real stylistかお

After bleach, wash and toner:

Voila! It now matches my hair!ラブラブ
Im glad i can use this extension! It gives me a bit more length

next is the pink! I was surprised at the goopy consistency たらり…
of the dye. But i guess thats how semi permanent color is?

I colored only the bottom part of the extension for that dip dye effect

30 minutes later I have pink hair extensions yeeey!

The product I use is Manic Panic AMPLIFIED in cotton candy pink.
Its a semi permanent color. It will fade away after a few washes.
The AMPLIFIED means that it glows under black light!
Next time i go to a party ppl are gonna be staring at my hair lol

Thats all for today, folks!

Responding to comments

Momo & Zuly: Thank You!

Bunni Berry: Yeah my bathroom is super pink XD
And Im trying to get it pinker, still!

Chia: Muchas gracias! Hare lo mejor que pueda
para mejorar y mejorar mas

Princess Lovely Locks: I used a wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs!
Its an ash blonde color.
I tried to get my natural hair that color but it requires a
high amount of bleach! I'll stick to this caramel/honey color i got now

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