Im Back!

hola pastelitos! Por fin regrese!!!
Estuve sin internet por DOS semanas! D:

Hey there cupcakes! I was internetless for a whole two weeks
omg i dunno how i survived D:

Im finally settled into my new apartment with my boyfriend.
He went off to Japan for 10 days so I'll be forever alone until he comes back TmT
He asked me if i wanted anything from Japan. I said BRING ME AN ALPACA!
He was reluctant to agree and I thought it was because of the price, then
one day he asked me, "Why dont i just bring you a stuffed toy?"
and i looked at him for a moment and replied, "you didnt think i meant a REAL alpaca, did you??"
and he said yes!!

Silly silly Yoshiyuki, thank god you're pretty or I'da slapped you XD

Here's a picture of Yoshi cooking pork with kimchi while wearing his cute yukata.
Aww hes only been gone three days and I feel like its been a month!!
Mi novio se fue a Japon por 10 dias y ando solita en nuestro apartamento

Antes de que se fuera hize que comprara esto para que no se calentara tanto
el interior del carro porque me quema las manitas el volante.

I made my boyfriend buy this cute cover for the car before he left so the sun
wouldnt heat up the leather in the car. It was totally burning my hands and ass

In other news, Im a thrifty girl, and I hit up a lot of 99 cent stores to buy everyday things
needed for the home, like trash bags and plastic containers.
As I was browsing, i found this cute stuffs ラブラブ

and a ton of pink craft rosesバラ which I'll use in my bathroom
Rose scented trash bags (for some reason the packaging is in french)

I also found a Rose Calendar and a Hello Kitty Toothbrush キティちゃん

all these items together cost less than 5 dollars! woo!セーフ

and heres a very attractive picture of me using my new toothbrush

And it has a suction cup!

oooh a floating toothbrush! durpうちゅー

speaking of goodies,
i also went out to the Japanese market.
I made my boyfriend get a membership to Marukai corporation so we could

get member discounts lol. But the card has both our names on it so i can use it too!
Heres all the stuff he bought for me

I bought only the "cute" snacks, of course

I also got a few cosmetic goods口紅

pore patches, eyeliner, BB cream, a container for stuffs...and lip gloss!キスマーク

Oh i also got this Palty hair dye that my boyfriend recommended.
He only wanted to use it cuz its foam and he says its fun to use

the bottle on the right is a bath soak. Of course I got the princess rose one

I also got some cute bathroom stickers! Theyre for the toilet!トイレ
I have a Rose Toilet now lolol (lolita joke)

Lastly i got some adorable butterfly and Rose dish sponges
and a dust cleaner.

Japan why you make cleaning so cute n fun?

so much cute stuff. Brought to you by Yoshi ヨッシーand the letter L
cuz i love my Yoshi! 感動泣きラブラブ

And now onto some cam whoring which is what us girls
like to do when we got nothing better to do.
And boy do i got tons of free time right meow TmT

I decided so sport my lovely wig from gothic lolita wigs.
Its so full and yummy lolwut

And Im wearing my super kira necklace from Betsey Johnson.
Too bad she went out of business! I love her stuff!

Lastly Here is a My Melody my melody* pen my boyfriend picked out for me

It turned out to be a pencil.


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