I'm Moving!

Xmas cake*お久しぶりデス!BD cake*
ice cream* hola pastelitos.petit cake*

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Karla- Yeah I will go to TJ this weekend if I can finish moving everything by friday!
Im actually still not sure about attending the lolita event, tho.

Dernière.- el powder de FX que uso es el E20

Mochi- Now you dont have to worry about subtitles! ^^

I hope you enjoyed watching it in english

Roci_Tsyyu- ありがとう!がんばりま~す!

Todays Post will be in english as im too lazy to write in spanish.
So my boyfriend and I just signed the lease to our new apartment in
eastern San Diego. Im pretty happy cuz Ive been living in the same area
for waaaay too many years. Im much closer to my lolita friends and 

Gal friend Ninoshka. Yey. I actually havent really told anyone I was moving down there.
Here's my boyfriend being excited lわーい!

Im also suuuuper close to the Japanese shopping and dining district of the county
so I wont have to make long and exhausted visits to buy
my japanese cosmetics and magazines anymore!

Speaking of magazines, recently the taxes and shipping costs have rised because of the dollar value being shit, so the local bookstore decreased their monthly shipments of fashion magazines, making it twice as hard for me to get my monthly EGG magazine.

SO I wised up and decided to get a subscription, which is free of cost. They simply reserve

the copies you wanted and let you know when to pick it up/pay for it. I only reserved EGG and AGEHA since they tend to sell out the quickest. The other magazine I like is POPTEEN,
 but that onesnot as popular so I didnt reserve it.

Im actually looking forward to the september issue of NUTS because it will include
a spread about MA*RS and a free cosmetic bag.
I love collecting those things that come in magazines. lol. I have too many of them now, tho!

I've been so busy doing paperwork for too many things that
I haven't had time to be excited
about moving out with my boyfriend! 

We went out and bought some things we needed yesterday for our new place.
Im pretty excited about our kitchen. Ive always wanted to have shabby chic decor

so Im gonna go ahead and make the kitchen and dining room that way.
obviously in an apartment we aren't allowed to make any alterations
to the property, but that doesnt mean I cant buy cute teacups and roses!

I 'm hoping to have a cute set-up like this soon! 
Im looking for cute things in second hand shops so I can fix them up

My boyfriend wants all his furniture and decor to be black so
its going to be a very interestingcontrast lol.
I'll be sure to take tons of pictures once we're settled in. 


Im really excited about being able to have my own bathroom! 
I found some super cute My Melody my melody* bathroom decor online. I went ahead and got it.

They also sold Bedroom decor which I'm THINKING about getting
I'll probably cave and buy the entire set

My room looks like a warehouse right now.
おうち Im not looking forward to tomorrow cuz thats
when we move ALL our furniture.トラック

well thats all for now!


  1. awwww you got an apartmenttt in SD!!! how exciting! hope we are able to hang out more often! haven't seen you in a while XD!! and have fun decorating it *m* <3 Can't wait to get my own place to make it all super pink xDDDD! <3 Take care and good luck unpacking everything DX! Let me know when you are free so we can hang out!

  2. Oh, I only just found your blog! It's so adorable! I can't believe how girlie it is! Your apartment looks so cute!! You have too post more cute things you get for it!!! I wanna see!


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