Japonawa 2010 part 3

More Pictures from Japonawa 2010!

A couple weeks ago there was a huge convention in Tijuana Mexico

called JAPONAWApanda

Artist Kiryu came down with two guitarists Masa and Poel

to have a majorly awesome concert

heres me w/ self-proclaimed "mr sexy" and guitarist Masa

my two lovely assistants who stayed with me througouht

the entire event helping me sell!ラブラブ

And heres pictures of my lovely super sweet boothケーキ01

just look at all the pink goodness! makes my teeth hurt キャッ☆

tons of necklaces omgggお~

heres me slacking off 投げKISS

Visu was super into Kiryus fuzzy tail.teehee

I asked him where he got it from. He said it was natural キャハハ

then he showed me it was actually a belt haha

i love this pic cuz it looks like the cosplayer is ordering food at a Mcdonalds or something

"um yeaaa...i'll take a pony necklace- super size please"ポテト

キラキラVideos from Japonawa are now available in the VIDEOS sectionキラキラ

Pictures from epic San Jose/San Francisco now available in the GALLERY section

thats all for now, folks!


to Cory and Maryesga- my best customers!

Visu y Quetzal- Gracias por su ayuda- me salvaron la vida

todas las lolitas de "My Lolita Style"

thanks for hanging out at my booth! you guys made it TONS more fun

just by yall being there and lookin perty =D

~end Japonawa 2010

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