Vianco PIC spam

This weekend i went to Tijuana, Mexico for

a small outdoor convention called VIANCO. 音譜

I didnt want to go all by myself so a friend of mine

was nice enough to accompany me.まるちゃん風

we were the most over the top there キャハハ

yey representin AP!

haha i looked all drugged in most of my pics.

Im wearingポニー sugary carnival and my friend Courtneys wearing Rose Toilette.バラ

Picture SPAM!

because we all love cam whorin' =D

oh noes my pony necklace!

i keep forgetting to replace the loose chain x__X

some pics during night time when we were watching a concert

id fixed my pony necklace by then にこ

Aww i love this picラブラブ

these were total paparazi pics, man キャハハ

after the concert we got some pics with the band membersmusiclove

this is Hideki. Hes the guitarrist.ギター

Tons of chicks were fangirling over him haha

I personally liked Rui a lot more. Hes the drummer音譜

he rocks out so hardcore! and he makes funny faces when he plays ひげかお1

And this is our friend Hector from Rosarito.

He took all these pics for us woo! thanks a lot, Hector!

haha check out hideki in the background all creeper status

The band Kazha was really amazing! The singer Kazuha (who i didnt get pics with)

has such a sweet voice and she sings so passionately ラブラブ

They are originally from Japan but are touring all over the US right now

check out their myspace at

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