Purikura with Yoshi

Hey cupcakes
R アルファベットO アルファベットS アルファベットI アルファベットE アルファベット here 女の子

todays post is in English. I occasionally write in English out of laziness to post in Spanish.
For those of you who don't know- Spanish is NOT my native language. 
People forget that I'm Americanアメリカincluding Latinos- 
which is cool cuz that means my Spanish has improved. わーい!

So I dyed my hair grey last week. 
It was blue at first and after like 4 washes it turned this nice light grey いー
This is what i wore today for a casual outting with my boyfriend, Yoshiヨッシー
yes, yoshi like the dinosaur うれしい ...does that make me like..princess peach? no?
ok....just checking....

For those of you in the LA area
(if you dont know where LA is, dont worry, that means its not close to where you are :P )
I got news from a reliable source that there is a "Heroine Face" purikura machine
nice choice of name) in the Irvine boomers.
If you get a $20 boomers card, 1 purikura session will cost you a grand total of $5.50
That's a goddamn bargain, son. Most purikura are between $9-11
Anyway that's where we went today for our date!

Yoshi cut his hair recently. I dont like it! じゅる・・ I love his hair big and crazy! むっ
But oh well...he's weak against the summer heat ムムム
We look totally gay in the first picture. "Like omg yey!"
The second picture is cute....the purikura made Yoshis lips luscious ....mmmm yes...

Yoshi came out super adorable in these ones. teehee
A lot of the poses called for "shocking" poses. びっくり
My boyfriend said he could only think to open his mouth haha. 

The other day Yoshi gave me a long lecture about how I was special to him. Awww
I was thinking about everything he said when i wrote this message 好
In the second pic it kinda looks like im getting ready to pop a pimple キャッ☆ haha gross...
its like "omg its so big! can we name him??" キャハハ

Hmm i guess you could use the same caption on this first picture うれしい hah
I really wanted a うさ。chu chu kissy puri~ we tried for like 5 poses and this was the best one .....sad
In a lot of our pictures our faces got cut off....like that last one いー

This was spose to be the ねこのあしあとkitty paw 猫 pose. I always look into the camera instead
of the screen so I never actually know where I am in the photo むー

Here's another one of those "OMG!" おposes the machine tells us to do
we look like a couple of re-res....so i added the nose and whiskers......it enhances the re-re ness

I love this machine! The quality is superb and you can choose the size of eye elargement
though even without it the eyes look bigger than normal- which is cool
The only thing that sucks about this particular location's machine is that it doesnt give you
an electronic copy. The one in Round 1 does!

Lastly~ my boyfriend says this one was his favorite....because I look pretty
Are you kidding me? I look like Michael Jacksons reject offspring ゴルゴ?
srsly its like a face only a mother could love...if she were blind :P
He even wrote that i ate too much (so im like a pig??顔に縦線2
Thanks yoshi I love you chu ひげかお1

Welp, abadee abadee thats all folks!

thanks for reading
BYE肉球 モカちゃんballoon*


  1. Cute~ You're princess peach but much prettier! I'm really loving the gray hair on you. And Omg i enjoyed this post, it was so hilarious. xD

  2. Thanks! Im glad you enjoyed my post.
    One of the reason I dont blog in English is because....well, I write what I want in the manner that I want :P but Im glad it was entertaining for you. Thanks for reading :B

  3. Such a funny but awesome post! And I had no idea you were American! You totally fooled me! xD I totally thought you were Spanish lolol! Great job on the spanish :3 And I love the purikura! <3 You and your bf are so cute!

  4. you both look sooo in love ! >3<


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